R.A.E.L. - Recovering Addicts Empowering Lives

                              Registered NPO - 117-592 - EST 2007

Anthony Hall, a former Drug squad (SANAB) and Murder and Robbery​ unit Detective went from a successful businessman to the park bench through alcohol and drugs.

Anthony founded R.A.E.L. on the 21st September 2007, and today he is a sought after motivational speaker, and co-founder with Karin Hall of  RAEL - House of Davnik, Safe and Sober Living farm.

Additionally, he founded World Addiction Day on the 21st  September 2009, and his life story was aired on television on the program 'Against all Odds' in August 2012.

Anthony has featured on various media and radio stations, including Carte Blanche and Special Assignment. 

Anthony creates awareness against drug addiction and dealing country and world- wide, through the 'Orange Wave'which was founded in 2015.

ENCA Interview 21 September 2015 - Drug Abuse on the rise - World Addiction Day

June 2016 ENCA (etv) interview:

Being interview by ANN7 at the opening of South African Parliament : Newscast Feb 2016:

Below is the Klerksdorp wave November 2015.

Anthony has experienced both sides of the law, having arrested substance abusers in the past, to becoming an alcoholic /addict, and now devotes his time to helping people who struggle with addiction. 

The House of Davnik has been established to assist those in recovery from addiction/alcoholism in a safe environment, and Anthony stays permanently on the sober farm, unless travelling to give talks.

In his motivational talks Anthony relates his life story to educate the youth, as well as parents, to remove the stigma attached to addiction.

Davnik is named in memory of David Dowlman and Nikki Wilkinson, close family and friend, who both died untimely deaths in their early years, due to substance abuse.


                    Owners: Anthony D Hall, Karin Hall